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This program has been reported to be unavailable on a regular basis.
This implies that we are unable to provide universally applicable download links, relevant version information.
3Com® Network Supervisor is an easy-to-use management application that graphically discovers, maps, and displays network links and IP devices, including 3Com NBX® telephones and some popular third-party products.

It maps devices and connections so you can easily monitor stress levels, set thresholds and alerts, view network events, generate reports in user-defined formats, and launch device configuration tools.
What's more, when your network changes, you can prompt 3Com Network Supervisor to regenerate the appropriate part of the map to ensure that you have current information.

Automated operations, intelligent defaults, and the ability to detect network misconfigurations and offer optimization suggestions make this application ideal for network managers with all levels of experience.

Main features:

- Discovers and manages up to 1,500 IP devices and 3Com NBX telephones
- To help solve problems fast, a Smart Event Engine automatically detects and classifies correlated and recurring events
- Supports networks that use multiple community strings
- Alarm forwarding via e-mail, pager, or SMS messages lets administrators keep in touch with the network while away from the management console; the application can also forward SNMP traps to other network management systems, such as HP OpenView
- Graphical interface helps administrators easily configure discovery boundaries to include specific subnets, enable or disable activity threshold alerts, and generate reports on network topology, device inventory, and port capacity
- Presents a network map either grouped by IP subnet or as a flat Layer 2 view of the entire network
- Optimizes and troubleshoots end-node connectivity by tracing the paths between any two nodes on the network
- Complementary Palm Companion application lets administrators download part of the 3Com Network Supervisor database to a Palm-compatible handheld organizer, so they can take 3Com Network Supervisor information with them
- Live update feature connects over the web to retrieve application updates and device support, so your management software stays up to date.

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